My fascination for photography was ignited as a child by looking at my Father's black and white contact prints of scenes in India and Kashmir, where he spent time during the 1940s. He taught me the basics of photography and went with me as a teenager to buy my first camera - a Kodak - several decades ago!

For me photography brings together my love of art and my passion for travel and discovering new places. This was re enforced by my degree in geography which taught me to observe and read the landscape and the towns and villages which inhabit it.

I work as a Civil Servant so my photography is currently a part time activity but I take every opportunity to get out and about in South East England, where I live, and on holidays in Europe and the USA to capture images of the places I visit. I particularly love discovering and photographing the countryside, historic places and gardens. My particular passion is capturing pictures of flowers and the natural patterns around me.

I use a Nikon D7100 and I am particularly fond of my 18 - 300 mm zoom lens. I do not do much post production processing but enjoy applying treatments and filters to my photos to create artistic images. I use various apps such as Colour Splash - it is fun.

I hope you enjoy my photos and if you buy one, that it transports you to enjoyable places in your imagination or back to cherished memories.

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